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Inspiration: Tufted Decor

What are your thoughts on tufted decor in interior design? Are you a fan? All things tufted, from tufted headboards, tufted sofas, and tufted ottomans, why not tufted walls?

Below are a few spaces that take tufted decor to a whole new level of fabulousness! Tufted decor does lean more on the traditional side, but can easily be transitional. When mixed with the right pieces tufted decor can also look more modern or eclectic in certain settings. Whatever design style you lean more towards a little bit of tufted decor looks sophisticated. Below are some fantastic examples of this timeless trend. Enjoy!

Image via: Decor Pad

Image via: Decor Pad

A upholstered built in banquette, designed by interior designer Tobi Fairley.
Image via: Tobi Fairley

Image Via: pinterest and Houzz

Pretty nail-head tufting behind a desk.
Image via: Pinterest.

A tufted settee that is taken all the way up the wall to new heights. Image via Pinterest.

A tufted upholstered door, not sure if the bathroom is appropriate, but it sure looks stylish.

Image via: To Daloos

So, there it is! A design trend that has been proven timeless!

- Xoxo Jessica

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Dandi Tea Towels

I adore Pom Pom so when I saw today that Dandis has a collection of pom pom tea towels I had to share them with you!

dandi tea towels

Only $34.95 for a pack of 3.

more dandi tea towels

Check out of their wonderful home goods online.

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

- Xoxo Jessica

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West Elm Decor South African Designers

I just read that West Elm has recently partnered with Elle Dcor magazine. Its nice to see local talent getting exposure abroad, I love this! Below are a few pieces from the collection that are so simply divine.

Gemma Orkin Floral Serving Bowls.

My personal favorite are these beautiful ceramics from Gemma Orkin she describes her style as, Happy and Uncomplicated. I think theyre so unique and universally appealing.

NEW Clash Baskets
($99.00 $149.00).

Textured Atlas Duvet Cover + Shams Stone ($19.00 $89.00).

John Vogel Manis lounger

Dont you just love all these amazing South African designs?

Theyre so gorgeous and inspiring. So, if you have a moment and want to learn more about these talented South African designers check out their blog.

(All images: West Elm)
- Xoxo Jessica

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5 Decorative Terrarium Ideas

Terrariums are making a big comeback in interior design. If youre interested in adding some greenery in your home or office these terrariums are a wonderful option. Terrariums are self-contained little ecosystems that are chic, affordable, and low maintenance. Feel free to get inspired by these fun, tiny little scenes housed in glass containers. You can make your own or buy one at a florist. All youll need to do once every two weeks or even monthly is give it a simple water spritzing! Below are five of my favorite terrariums to make. Keep an open eye next time you head to a floral shop.

1. Mini lightbulb terrariums:

What a great idea making these little lightbulb terrariums, I also like the air plants inside the lightbulb. A DIY project I found from blog The Moody Fashionista.

2. Hanging glass terrariums:

These terrariums are From West Elm. Another terrarium that also used air plants (tillandsia) and succulents. West Elm has a great selection of terrarium vessels to pick from or you could always find whatever you have around the house or at a local floral boutique.

3. Wall magnetic miniature terrariums.

A sweet DIY project from Kangsiro. These metal can circle terrariums would look great in a desert home.

4. The common terrarium containers:

Weather you decide to make your own terrarium or buy one they help add a nice decorative touch to your home. West Elm has a great selection of glass terrarium vessels to choose from or you could always find whatever you have around your house or find a glass vessel at a craft store or even a local flower boutique.

5. Mason jar pendant light terrarium:

Another brilliant terrarium. These pendant light terrariums make for a unique DIY lighting project. What a cool idea. Image from blog Oh, So Darling.

Do you have a cool terrarium DIY project youve made or found one you came across that you want to share? Im always open to new decorating project and new creative ideas.

- Xoxo Jessica

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All White Appliances

What are your thoughts on all white appliances?

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have been big in interiors for a few decades now and Im sure will they last a few more decades. White kitchen appliances are making a comeback, so it can be difficult deciding whether or not to upgrade or wait til white fully makes a comeback. Ive been seeing more and more interior design blogs talking about all white appliances and how they are making a comeback, so the time may be now! I think this is nice having the option for consumers to choose either stainless or white. If youre not yet convinced, below are some beautiful kitchens with all white appliances.

white refrigerator

I love white appliances. White appliances look clean and especially fabulous when paired with white cabinets.

white kitchend appliances
These days white appliances really comes down to a matter of preference and if designed right, will never be outdated. The pro kitchen look isnt for everyone and the new white is todays glossy not textured.

white kitchen
As for the maintenance issues; we all know that white gets dirty easily and stainless steel dents and scratches pretty easily. I have stainless steel appliance in my kitchen now and I would get glossy white if I were to upgrade my kitchen, its a nice change.

Are white appliances here to stay or just a quick trend? Please share your thoughts!

(Images via: Style At Home, BHG, Canadian House & Home)

- Xoxo Jessica

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Quote Of The Week

Remember, color is not just color, but mood,
temperature and structure.

- Van Day Truex, Interiors, Character, and Color

(Images via: Decor Pad & Pinterest)

- Xoxo Jessica

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Decorating With Peonies

Peonies, peonies, peonies! My new favorite flower at the moment. I think these flowers are beautiful to decorate your home with especially for Spring and Summer. What Im drawn to the most about these flowers is their defined shape and intense, glossy color makes them perfect for Spring and Summer parties. A plus, they have good staying power even if the weather gets too hot or windy. Below are some photos of these decorative peonies.

My friends floral bouquet from her birthday party last week. Also the air plants attached to driftwood my girlfriend and I found at home Depot; air plants also make for a simple and elegant table display.

Pink and soft pink peonies.

White peonies!

Blue mason jars with pink peonies.

A beautifully decorated table displayed with pink peonies inside glass vases.

(Images: Cozy Bliss, Pinterest, House Beautiful, Weddingbee, Gilded Mint, Greige Design)

- Xoxo Jessica

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DIY: Floating Shelf In Small Foyer

A few months ago I wrote a post on small foyers. I finally got around to making my floating shelf in my entryway and it looks fantastic!

Above is the photo that inspired me to make this DIY project. Heres how I made the floating shelf:

My first stop was Anthorpologie, they have a good selection of hardware for shelving in their home-goods section.

I almost went for the white and blue hardware but I saw in the way back the simple metal circle hardware that worked much better for my place.

Also, the metal circular one in the back is bigger and worked better for what I needed.

The second stop was Home Depot. I went straight to the lumber section and brought with me the hardware to make sure the wood was the perfect size and wasnt too big or too small. Another plus, in Home Depot they have a wood cutting section in the back and if you ask an employee, they will cut wood if needed. I ended up getting two pieces of wood cut at Home Depot (3ft) and found a rounded piece of scrap wood that fit perfect for the edge of the shelf to give it a softer look.

My next stop was finding, black flat spray paint, sandpaper, primer paint, screws and glue.

A helpful tip: Its much easier getting what youre looking for if at Home Depot if you ask for help and it takes so much longer in the store if youre uncertain on the materials needed. For me, when Im on my DIY decorating missions I want to get out of the store in a timely manner and not be in the store longer then I have to.

Once I got back, I sanded down the wood with sand paper, put one coat of primer and two coats of black spray paint on both sides of the wood.

Once the paint dried I glued the corner wood piece to the end of the shelf and wiped off the extra glue with a rag. Allow the glue to dry over night.

The Power Grab glue worked great for holding the two pieces of wood together.

Next, I had help screwing four screws into the hardware using a power tool. The measurement of the shelf height ended up being 3ft from the floor I wanted my mirror to hang above the shelf. I found this antique mirror at the Alameda Flea Market a couple of months back and it ended up working perfect in my foyer. As for the second hardware side it got a little tricky getting both sides even so we measured each side for accuracy.

Voil the finished floating shelving in my small foyer!
(Images: unknown & Cozy Bliss)

- Xoxo Jessica

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Color Watch: Mint & Gold

Happy Friday everyone! As you might already know, Ive been obsessing over mint this season but when mixed with gold its a whole new level of greatness! So whether youre looking to try a new paint color in your home or office, change up your wardrobe, or maybe host a party, this color combo is a wonderful option to keep in mind. Lastly the mint & gold combo can go modern, vintage or completely retro, just something to keep in mind.

Beautiful bedroom with mint painted walls with gold Moroccan poufs and gold sunburst mirror above the bed. Mint walls are all the rage!

Made By Girl- LOVE METALLIC GOLD ON MINT-(SIZE: 16 x 20 (41cm x 51cm) $35.00.

Fresh Summer mint dress, a sweet mint hat & gold watch and bangles.

Mint & gold cocktail ring.

What are your thoughts on this color combination? Are you obsessing over mint & gold or do you completely dislike this look?

Images via: Tied Bow Blog, Decor Pad, Pinterest)

-Xoxo Jessica

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