Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Color Watch: Chartreuse Green

Here is another fun color to think about incorporating into your home, Chartreuse green! And, yes when you think about this color Im sure your mind goes to the movie Shrek or Muppet movie. This interesting color is half green half yellow has become a really hot color of 2012 in home and in fashion.

Here are a few interiors that have embraced this hot new color well.

Not sure how long this chartreuse hue will last but, it maybe popular for a while longer. Well it certainly looks great on the painted hardwood floors and in the kitchen above. I my actually consider using this color in my home, maybe not my whole kitchen or hardwood floors though. A accent wall or paint a old piece of furniture is more along lines of what I was thinking.

So, what are your thoughts? Would you use Chartreuse green in your home or office?

Happy Wednesday!

(Images: Linda Holt Interiors)
- Xoxo Jessica

Via: Color Watch: Chartreuse Green

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